HarveyIn December 2017, the Heritage Players and the Pine City Community lost a treasured member. Harv Lindstrom lived his life with a servant’s heart and we were blessed to have him serve alongside us. His family has chosen to honor his memory by donating memorial gifts to the Heritage Players. We have decided to honor his memory by creating the “Harv Lindstrom Memorial Scholarship”. This will be an unique opportunity for community members to explore additional opportunities to expand their skills in the performing arts or pursue a degree in theater.

Enrichment Scholarship ~ Application

The Enrichment Scholarship can be requested year-round.  Applications should be submitted by email to: or mailed to Becky Schueller at 315 Main Street South, Pine City MN 55063

This scholarship application is open to any student (grades 5 – 12) who plans to attend an enrichment program for the performing arts. Eligible applicants must have worked on a Heritage Players production either on stage or as a crew member. While all types of performing arts will be considered eligible (vocal, instrumental, dance, and theater), priority will be given to theatrical arts. The purpose of this scholarship is for students to seek out opportunities that they would not normally have access to locally.

Performing Arts Education Scholarship ~ Application

The Education Scholarship application is due on August 1 of each calendar year.  Completed applications should be submitted by email: or mailed to Becky Schueller at 315 Main Street South, Pine City MN 55063

This scholarship application can be completed annually by a student who has completed high school and is enrolled in a college keeping the following eligibility requirements in mind.

  • An active member of your high school or college theater program (actor/actress, crew or orchestra)
  • Preference will be given to those that are also active members of the Heritage Players Community Theater (actor/actress, crew or orchestra)
  • Applicants should be pursuing a college major or minor in the Performing Arts in one of the following areas: music, acting, directing, technical theater, or dance.
  • Applicants should also demonstrate involvement in community service projects.
  • One letter of recommendation should accompany this application.
  • Scholarship funds will be awarded after successful completion of one full year of schooling where a declared major has been identified. A copy of your transcript is requested should you receive this award.