A Wizard, a Jester, and 2 Knights to Meet

A Wizard, a Jester, and 2 Knights to Meet

No Kingdom would be complete without a little bit of fun… and these four seem to have a lot of it!  Magic tricks, dancing shoes and a bit of laughter!

Jared Dyrdahl as Wizard

Jared decided to wade back into the theater pool after performing in Arsenic & Old Lace last year. A musical was a bit off his deep end and therefore he would like to thank everyone involved with the show for all of their patience and wisdom.   After the show he looks forward to spending copious amounts of time with his dear Miranda and Effie plotting summer shenanigans and scouting new foods for the impending MN State Fair (see you there!)

Mac Lucking as Jester

This is Mac’s first endeavor with PCHP, but has worked with local companies like Mora Area Community     Theatre, Play Inc. Arts, the Baker Street Irregulars, and Lesser Mortals over the last decade or so. In addition to acting onstage, Mac is also a playwright and director who has written and directed a variety of short works through a variety of channels, each experience more delightful and fulfilling than the last. On top of all of that, Mac has a day job as a Branch Assistant at ECRL and greatly appreciates how flexible everyone in the rehearsal process has been, and hopes to participate in many more productions with the Heritage Players and all the new friends made in the process.

 Shane Korte as Sir Studley

Shane first began his theatrical career when taking a Theatre Arts elective in high school in a highly misguided attempt to avoid the public speaking in Debate class. A mock audition lead to his peers press-ganging him into an actual show, and since then Shane has been seen in productions ranging from Mora to Cambridge to Braham to here in his first show with the Heritage Players. He is very glad to finally get the chance to work with this talented company and hopes you enjoy the show!

Steve Clemens as Sir Luce

This is Steve’s first show with PCHP and he is super excited! You might have seen him performing in other shows such as Beauty & the Beast, Footloose, The Dining Room, and First Person Shooter. Steve would like to thank all his friends and family members supporting him throughout all of the rehearsals during these horrible winter months.   Steve would also like to thank the Heritage Players for letting him be part of such a fantastic show. He hopes everyone who sees the show has a great time!


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