Music Man Auditions

Music Man Auditions

MusicMan Auditions

The first evening of auditions went well, but we’ve still got a lot of room for more community members to join us.  We selected “The Music Man” as our show this year in order to encourage a diverse group of actors to hit the stage.  Young or old… new to the stage or veteran actors… there truly is room for any talent level to be a part of this show.

We’ll be back in the 7th Grade Commons tonight from 6:00 – 8:00 PM looking for YOU to join us for auditions!

A few questions that we’ve been asked this week:

Q: When does the show perform?

A: We are planning to have 4 performances: August 18 – August 21.  Three evening performances and a matinee on Sunday afternoon.

Q: What does the rehearsal schedule look like?

A: We’ll be rehearsing 3 nights each week.  It will vary a bit with a few Sundays OR a few Mondays, plus every Tuesday and every Thursday.  We won’t start until June 27th.  The first few weeks will be learning music, and we’ll try to group songs for the same actor into as few nights as possible.  The same will be done as blocking starts.  August rehearsals will be for the FULL cast.

If you have more questions… email us:

Hope you’ll consider joining us!


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