More Pick-a-Little Ladies

More Pick-a-Little Ladies

River City wouldn’t be complete with out these lovely ladies!  They add a motherly touch to the action and enjoy sharing their love of being on stage with others!

Anna Reiser (Townsperson) ~ Anna has been involved with the Heritage Players for several years and has enjoyed roles on-stage and behind the scenes. She is very excited to be sharing the stage with her daughters, Brynna and Brecken, in The Music Man. Sharing her love of theater with her family and friends has brought her great joy and she hopes that everyone enjoys this production as much as she has enjoyed being part of it.

Emily Schueller (Townsperson) ~ I love being in productions in Pine City. So far, I have been a part of many shows including the Evil Fairy in Princess Whatshername, the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland, a chorus member in Footloose, backstage crew for Noises Off, and a River City Teen in Music Man. My favorite song from the show would most likely be “The Wells Fargo Wagon” because I love the energy that it gives off during rehearsals.

Linda Kleppe (Townsperson) ~ Linda Kleppe, mother of six. Usually I’m the one saving seats in the audience. This is only my second time on stage, the first being Joseph! I love to sing and be with my family so this has been a blast! Peyton and Maddi thanks for being great stage daughters!Thank you Becky and Jennifer for all your hard work! Thank you Nathan for bringing us along for the ride!

Melanie Hedberg (Townsperson) ~ Melanie is a native of Rush City. Previous roles with the Pine City Heritage Players include Marian the Librarian in the “Music Man” when it was first produced in 1993 and Annelle in “Steel Magnolias”. As a townsperson, she loves her stage family, singing with the Pick a Little ladies, and watching the action behind the scenes. Melanie is excited to step back on the stage after twenty-plus years and enjoys dinosaurs, photography, and working with children.

Laura Anderson (Townsperson) ~ She is not only excited to be on stage again after a 9 year break, but she’s very excited to be on stage again back in Pine City! She’s a member of the Minnesota Mormon Chorale and serves in different roles at church…She enjoys being with her 5 children and husband, reading, yard work, swimming, and going on walks. Big thanks to her husband Justin for supporting her, Kai, and Neveah in doing this!

Jeannie Montague (Townsperson) ~ This is my first experience in theater. I am enjoying the experience but have a ton to learn. I’ve been apart of theater though my kids & taking lots of pictures. I’m married to my best friend, Kurt & mom to Jared (wife Shannon) & Kaleb. In December we will welcome our 1st grandchild. I love my job working with Foreign Exchange Students, taking photos, crocheting and being with my family. Hope you enjoy Music Man! Its been so much fun!

Elisa Mill (Townsperson) ~ Elisa has done a LOT of Heritage Player shows, including the original show. Her first stage role was the role of grieving widow Edna in the play “A Man Called Duddy”. A remarkably capable performance considering she was not allowed to wear her 1972 octagonal shaped glasses and they were desperately needed. Sometimes one has to make sacrifices for their craft.

Mikayla May (Farmer’s Wife/Townsperson) ~ Previous on stage appearances for Mikayla include PCHS productions of: “Footloose”, “Wiley and the Hairy Man”,  “Alice in Wonderland”, as well as “Wizard of Oz” and “Murder at the Banquet”. My favorite thing about being in theater is that its like a second family. I want to say a huge thank you to Becky for directing and giving me this part. Also Mrs. Hansman and the rest of the musicians. And to my family and friends for supporting me.

Jaci Nelson (Townsperson) ~ Jaci has previously been in “Little Women” and “The Secret Garden.” Her hobbies include singing, photography, and writing. She has enjoyed being in this play with her brother and mother. Her favorite song from the play is “Seventy-six Trombones.”


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