What is your favorite play or musical?

I love Finian’s Rainbow because I like to follow dreamers and have a fondness for leprechauns.

~ Jennifer Simonson (Gwendolyn Pigeon)

When you aren’t in the middle of a show…. what’s your “go to” hobby or activity?

Crafting, stained glass, sewing, or playing poker or board games while listening to jazz.

~ Meagan Guptill (Cecily Pigeon)

What is your most memorable show or character – that you have portrayed – with PCHP or another program?

“The right Reverend Mother, there isn‘t any other, the right Reverend Mother, Superior Nun.” Reverend Mother, Nunsense.

~ Elisa Mill (Roy)

If you were a SuperHero for a day… who would it be and why?

I think I would create a new superhero who could duplicate themselves, be invisible at times, and clean a whole house in ten minutes. We will call her SuperMom.

~ Cassandra Olson (Asst. Stage Manager & Board President for Heritage Players)

What is your most memorable show or character – that you have portrayed ?

I was tricked into playing Mayor Shinn in The Music Man (“There aren’t that many lines, Mike.” Ha!) and it was just about the most fun I’ve ever had. I got to hang out with the great people in the cast and say things like “Aiding and abetting the swindling activities of that spellbinding cymbal salesman,” and “It’s clear as a buttonhook in the well water.” Good times!

~ Mike Gainor (Speed)

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